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  Machinings on commission - Precision CNC turning and mechanical small parts
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  Precision turning and machining - Brescia
Machinings on commission
Machinings on commission
Machinings on commission
Turning and precision mechanical small parts, machining of aluminium profiles against customer's drawing.
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Information request
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Telephone + 39 030 8900607
Open from Monday to Friday,
8.00 to 12.00 and 2.00 p.m.
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Fax +39 030 8907602
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Precision turning and machining - Brescia

MORSTEK snc: stainless steel precision turning, stainless steel turning, precision smallwares and stainless steel smallwares.

MORSTEK snc, with main office in Sarezzo (Brescia), has got an over ten-year experience in the field of small metal precision turning and machining of aluminium profiles.
The company was set up in 1990 as a mechanical workshop specialised in lathe machining, and in the following years it also expanded in the market of aluminium profiles.
The company's philosophy aims at a continuous technological and cultural advance in order to implement a steady improvement of its customers' service.

The Quality Policy pursued by MORSTEK has as its basic targets:
• Customer's satisfaction;
• Conformity to requirements;
• Steady company improvement;
• Integrated approach to quality management, since the product by our company is the    product of a whole company system;
• Planning, testing and reporting of all the activities performed within every work process;
• Prevention of defects and reduction of scraps;

Particular care has been to our Quality Control and Inspection departments; the devices used thereto in production processes are:
• Shadow comparator Helios 350H for slide and episcopic projection with digital displayer of    quotes, resolution 0.001 mm;
• Profilometer Handysurf;
• Altimeter TESA PLUS D;
• Indoor micrometers with three contact points for 6 to 50 diameters, resolution 0.001   mm;
• Set of plane-parallel gauge blocks in ceramic Mitutoyo , accuracy "0" for resetting and    inspection of precision devices;
• Digital surface gauge Mitutoyo;
• La dotazione di strumenti di controllo completata da una vasta serie di calibri, micrometri    e calibri a tampone e ad anello passa- non passa lisci e filettati.

Morstek snc meets the strictest standards as far as customers' service and quality, safety and respect of work and environment.
Every item is processed paying the utmost precision and care: the same care is paid to every single part both of small and big series.


stainless steel turning, stainless steel smallwares, precision turning and machining,
mechanical small parts - Brescia

Precision turning and machining - Brescia
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